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Estate & Incapacity Planning

Have You Had the Talk?

It’s difficult to talk about a time when you won’t be around, but it’s important to have these conversations. It might be uncomfortable at first, …

Wills & Trusts

Wills vs. Trusts

What is a Will? A Will is a document that puts your intentions in writing so your family knows exactly what you want to happen …

Probate & Trust Administration

How to Buy or Sell Probate Property in California

Introduction – Probate Property If property is not held in a Living Trust when its owner passes away, probate is often required for that property. …

Probate & Trust Administration

Avoid a Probate Nightmare

What happens to your estate when you die without a trust? It ghost through probate. What is probate? If you pass away without a Trust, …

Client Success Story

Client Success Story: A Way Forward

Sarah’s (name changed to preserve confidentiality) mother passed away leaving her and her nieces and nephews (children of Sarah’s deceased sibling) the generous gift of …

Probate & Trust Administration

Top 5 Probate Myths

Myth #1.  Probate is Always A Nightmare While probate definitely can be a nightmare (as it was for Dave’s family), it doesn’t have to be.  …

Client Success Story

Client Success Story: A Win in Wine Country

SuccessionLegal® is frequently contacted in emergency situations by clients in difficult positions. Many clients don’t know where to start, are afraid of the health complications …

Estate & Incapacity Planning

Introducing SuccessionLegal®

Dear Friends, Exactly nine years ago, I started Singh Law Group with the goal of providing empathetic legal guidance to families navigating the loss of …

How to use prop 13
Estate & Incapacity Planning

How to Use Prop 13 While You Still Can

Prop 19 takes effect on February 16, 2021, which doesn’t give you much time to take advantage of current law (Prop 13) if it’s the …

warning: prop 19 is here
Estate & Incapacity Planning

WARNING: Prop 19 is Here!

The new year always brings new laws, but California’s passage of Proposition 19 has been at the top of our minds because of its potential …