Have You Had the Talk?

It’s difficult to talk about a time when you won’t be around, but it’s important to have these conversations. It might be uncomfortable at first, but in the end you’ll know that you and your loved ones are one step closer to peace of mind.

Here’s what you should remember as you start talking to your family about estate planning:

Rip Off the Band-Aid.

Let’s be real…no one wants to talk about passing away, especially during the holidays. The hardest part is starting the conversation. Consider having one-on-one conversations rather than large group talks.

The Earlier the Better.

The sooner you start talking about your future, the more prepared your family will be when you’re no longer around. This decreases family conflict, burden, and strained relationships during a time of grief.

Avoid surprises and conflict by making sure that everyone is aware of their role.

A big part of estate planning is choosing who will do what, in terms of following the instructions you’ve left for your family and your estate. For example, if you’ve chosen your daughter to be in charge of distributing your things after you’re gone, it may be a good idea to sit down with her and review everything you’ll want her to do.

This includes:

  • medical and financial decisions
  • funeral arrangements
  • family heirlooms

You’re Never Too Old or Too Young.

A lot of people think they’re either too old, too young or don’t have enough to get their estate plan started. The truth is, every adult should have one, regardless of their age or how much stuff they have.

Still don’t know where to start? That’s ok! SuccessionLegal® can help. Contact us to Schedule a Conversation.


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