Introducing SuccessionLegal®

Dear Friends,

Exactly nine years ago, I started Singh Law Group with the goal of providing empathetic legal guidance to families navigating the loss of a loved one or planning for death or incapacity.

In the years since, it’s been a privilege to work with hundreds of families and to connect with countless colleagues and professionals who are dedicated to this important area of the law.

As our firm has grown, so has our focus.

Our mission is to help you through difficult times and challenging decisions by being your trusted guide in the following areas:

  • How do I handle the death of a loved one? (Probate & Trust Administration)
  • How do I plan ahead so my family avoids court and conflict? (Living Trusts)
  • How do I navigate family conflict so I get what I’m entitled to? (Probate & Trust Litigation)

Reflecting our deep commitment to this area of the law, we are excited to announce that our firm will now be known as SuccessionLegal®.

For existing clients and partners, please continue to communicate using our current e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

For prospective clients and partners, we very much look forward to welcoming you to the SuccessionLegal® family.

As we enter this next phase, we are more appreciative than ever of your continued support.  Thank you for being a friend, and we look forward to growing with you.


Dave Singh

CEO, SuccessionLegal®


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