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Dave Singh, Founder | Life Experience. Legal Expertise.

If you’re just starting out, hiring a lawyer can be overwhelming and confusing. Especially if you’ve never hired one before (and many of our clients haven’t). Every website you visit tends to say the same thing, or sell the same set of documents. And then you have online providers that seem to do the same thing for much less, but you know you probably need more guidance than they can offer. I know because I’ve been there:

I lost my parents at a young age and my family had to endure the time, expense, and stress of probate because my father’s “estate plan” was a boilerplate, simple will instead of a comprehensive living trust plan tailored to his family’s circumstances.

Amidst the emotional hardship of my father’s passing, my siblings and I were also forced to deal with the legal consequences of his death. We opened the yellow pages (in 2001, that was still a thing) and found a local attorney to help us.

A year and a half and nearly $15,000.00 in attorney’s fees and costs later, our family home was finally distributed to us (though our attorney misspelled my name on the deed, among other mistakes). It would take another two years to navigate a guardianship proceeding to obtain legal authority to act on behalf of our young sister and to clear up property tax mistakes made by our probate attorney.

I founded Singh Law Group P.C. | South Hills Estate Planning with the express goal of serving people like my father, who, with the right legal guidance, would have taken the steps necessary to protect his family and their future, and to provide careful, compassionate legal representation to families already dealing with the stress of losing a loved one.

After all, estate planning isn’t just for your peace of mind, it’s for your family’s ease of mind when the inevitable does happen. That’s why I became an estate planning attorney, and why I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.

Dave Singh
Founder & Principal Attorney

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