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Our mission is to help families settle their loved one’s affairs by providing empathetic and effective guidance throughout the legal and administrative processes that are required after someone passes.

Our FAST, PAINLESS Probate & Trust Administration Solutions were designed to serve the needs of clients during one of the most difficult times in their lives.  This means NO UPFRONT FEES OR COSTS for Probate Administrations, and unlimited access to our firm’s attorneys, paralegals, and support staff throughout the process at no additional charge.

We recognize that it is a privilege to be entrusted with our clients’ most precious matters, especially during the most difficult times in our clients’ lives, and our practice is a direct reflection of that principle. 


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Phase 1
Client Discovery & Case Strategy

Your journey begins with a confidential, same-day case assessment with our attorney.  If you decide to hire our firm, the next step in our process is Client Discovery.  During this phase, we’ll learn about your loved one who has passed away, your family (including siblings, other potential heirs, and interested parties), and the real estate and other assets your loved one left behind.  Based on your objectives, we’ll then formulate a Case Strategy and Roadmap so you have a clear sense of where you’re going and how long it will take to get there.

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Phase 2
Case Initiation & Appointment

The next phase in your journey is Case Initiation.  During this phase, we’ll prepare several legal documents to begin the administration process and get you appointed as the Administrator, Executor, or Successor Trustee of the Estate or Trust you are settling.  During this period, we’ll notify interested parties, including governmental agencies as required, and we’ll prepare you for your appointment as the representative of the Estate or Trust.  Once appointed, you’ll have the keys to the Estate or Trust you’re administering.

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Phase 3
Marshaling of Assets & Liabilities

Now that you have the keys to the Estate or Trust you’re administering, we’ll work with you to identify the assets and liabilities of the Estate or Trust.  Once we have a clear picture, we’ll create an Inventory & Appraisal to provide transparency to the court and other interested parties.  We’ll collaborate with you to create a Creditor Strategy that responsibly satisfies creditors that are legally entitled to payment under applicable law.  We’ll then design a Proposed Distribution Plan that outlines an equitable distribution of the remaining assets based on the Probate Code (if there is no Will) or the terms of the Will or Trust.

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Phase 4
Distribution & Planning

Once the plan is approved by the court (for Probate cases) or the beneficiaries (for Trust cases), we’ll guide you through the process of actually distributing assets to those inheriting from the Estate or Trust.  This includes transferring title to real estate, liquidating bank accounts and other financial assets, and giving out specific gifts of personal items (jewelry, family heirlooms, etc.).  After fulfilling your duties successfully, you’ll resign from your role.  We’ll then discuss estate planning for those inheriting so their own families can avoid a costly Probate Administration and ensure a smooth Trust Administration in the future.  

Why trust SLG?

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No Upfront Fees or Costs for Probate Administrations

We advance probate costs for our clients so they don’t have to deal with an additional financial burden on top of the emotional and legal burden they’re already facing.  And our attorneys’ fees are deferred, so we’re not paid until the end of the process.

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Empathetic, Effective...Human

We bring connection, empathy, and humanity to a process that can feel cold and transactional.

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Concierge-Level Service

We are elevating the status quo with concierge-level service and a tailored, comprehensive approach.

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Firm Commitment

We are committed to Probate & Trust Administration as a practice area – it’s not a part-time/retirement gig for us or something we handle sporadically if a case happens to land on our desk.