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Peace of mind for you now,

Ease of mind for your family later.

PROBATE & living trusts

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Losing a loved one is devastating,


Dave Singh Singh Law Group
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Only you know
how you feel...

and I respect that,
because I've been there.

Losing both of my parents at an early age taught me that every situation is unique, and also uniquely challenging. Many lawyers will say they know how you feel, but I understand that true empathy means respecting your unique emotions and circumstances. After all, no two families are the same, and no two losses are the same.

In my case, our family suffered through a grueling, expensive, multi-year probate process to settle my parents’ simple estate and obtain guardianship for our sister. With the right legal advice, much of it could have been avoided.

That’s why I started my firm: to help other families avoid the unnecessary nightmare my family went through. It’s about giving peace of mind to you now, and ease of mind to your children when you’re gone.

Dave Singh
Founder & Principal Attorney

Our Services

We designed our practice around the questions that matter to you most. 

What are my next steps after a loved one passes?

Probate & Trust Administration

Probate Administrations
Trust Administrations
Heggstad Petitions
Spousal Property Petitions
Conservatorships & Small Estate Administrations
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How do I plan ahead and avoid a mess for my family when I'm gone?

Estate & Incapacity Planning

Wills & Revocable Living Trusts
Guardianship Nominations
Powers of Attorney for Finances
Health Care Directives & Living Wills
Final Disposition Instructions
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What to Expect

We bring humanity into a process that can feel cold, transactional, and impersonal. Here are the things our clients rave about:

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You'll understand what you signed.

Not only will we listen to you, we’ll also explain your documents in plain, everyday language. And you’ll only sign documents that you fully understand.

You'll be covered if things change.

Each of our core services is supported by our unparalleled SLG Service Commitment:
if you need to make changes, you’ll be covered at no additional fee during the term of your Commitment.

You'll have easy, secure access to your documents.

Your documents will be stored in a secure client portal that you can access 24/7, and we’ll show you how to share access with other professionals on your team.

You'll have a law firm for life.

You’re not buying a product, you’re investing in a long-term relationship. We commit to you for your entire journey, not just your destination.

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