Client Success Story: A Win in Wine Country

SuccessionLegal® is frequently contacted in emergency situations by clients in difficult positions. Many clients don’t know where to start, are afraid of the health complications they are facing, and need immediate guidance.

This summer, an elderly woman contacted SLG in that exact situation. She was scheduled to have a serious surgery in a few days, but haunted by what would happen if there were complications. She wondered what would happen to her property, her assets, and most importantly, would her grandchildren be taken care of?

After consulting with this client, Dave and Jazmine, SLG’s paralegal and in-house notary public, knew what had to be done. Due to the client’s limited technical capabilities, a virtual appointment wouldn’t work. Dave, Jazmine and a carload of their necessary equipment, paperwork and supplies drove to their client in need.

After driving 2 hours to wine country in rush hour traffic, the SLG mobile office arrived in Murrieta. Within 4 hours, her estate plan was completed, printed, signed and in hand. But more importantly, the client had peace of mind.

This client was so happy with SLG’s prompt service, problem-solving, and personable interaction she even invited the whole firm to have a swim in her newly renovated pool.

Fast forward a few months and this client is fully recovered from her surgery, her estate plan continues to protect her legacy, and she will have this peace of mind forever.


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