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Estate and Incapacity Planning


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Our Complete Living Trust Solutions for Estate & Incapacity Planning are designed to help you and your family avoid probate court, minimize the chances of family conflict, and protect your children’s inheritance from creditors, divorces, etc.  

Each plan that we offer is a comprehensive solution designed intentionally to meet the most common needs and objectives of the hundreds of clients we have had the opportunity to represent.  The revocable living trust instrument will be the central component of your plan, and we’ll work with you to create various other components that complement and support your trust so that there are no gaps in your planning.

We recognize that it is a privilege to be entrusted with our clients’ most precious matters, especially during the most difficult times in our clients’ lives, and our practice is a direct reflection of that principle. 


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Phase 1

Initial Conversation & Discovery

Your journey begins with a confidential, same-day conversation with our attorney.  Based on our mutual assessment of fit, we may proceed to a longer free consultation or directly to engagement of our firm. Once our firm is hired, the next step in our process is Discovery.  During this phase, we’ll learn about your family, assets, and objectives. We use a combination of questionnaires and interviews to gather the information we need from you to craft a comprehensive plan. We’ll then proceed to the Design & Drafting Phase.

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Phase 2

Design & Drafting

The next phase in your journey is Design & Drafting.  During this phase, we’ll work with you to design your plan based on the information you provided and your objectives. We’ll then carefully draft each of your plan components: 

  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Pour-Over Will(s)
  • Durable Financial Power of Attorney(s)
  • Advance Health Care Directive(s) 
  • Living Will(s)
  • Final Disposition Instructions   
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Phase 3

Review, Signature, and Delivery

After your plan components are drafted, we’ll schedule a time to review each of your documents in detail. This may consist of one meeting or multiple meetings, depending on your specific circumstances. During our review process, we’ll make adjustments to ensure that the final product is 100% accurate before you sign anything. Once we are all comfortable with your plan, we’ll coordinate a signing ceremony in our office with one our firm’s notary public and witnesses. After signing, we’ll process your plan into your secure client portal and deliver your bound original documents for safekeeping on the same day.


Phase 4

Trust Funding & Support

Even though your plan is now signed and legally effective,  we’ll continue to work on your behalf to ensure that all of your assets that should be in your trust (including real estate) are properly transferred. This process is called trust funding and it’s often overlooked, which can have disastrous consequences and result in the necessity of a probate administration. While not all law firms or providers assist with trust funding, we believe it to be an essential part of our relationship with you. Our goal is to get you to the finish line, and to be your guide throughout the process, so our relationship doesn’t end with your signing of documents; in many ways, it’s just beginning…