How to Buy or Sell Probate Property in California

Introduction – Probate Property If property is not held in a Living Trust when its owner passes away, probate is often required for that property. While an estate is being reviewed in probate court, property in the estate may be sold in order to cover debts that can’t be paid with existing estate funds. The […]

Avoid a Probate Nightmare

What happens to your estate when you die without a trust? It ghost through probate. What is probate? If you pass away without a Trust, your family may have to go through court to determine what will happen to your estate. This process is called probate. What’s so spooky about probate? There’s nothing scarier than […]

Top 5 Probate Myths

Myth #1.  Probate is Always A Nightmare While probate definitely can be a nightmare (as it was for Dave’s family), it doesn’t have to be.  When probate is handled effectively and efficiently, the process can move relatively quickly and predictably for everyone involved. Myth #2.  Probate is Purgatory for Property This one is tricky: during […]

Introducing SuccessionLegal®

Dear Friends, Exactly nine years ago, I started Singh Law Group with the goal of providing empathetic legal guidance to families navigating the loss of a loved one or planning for death or incapacity. In the years since, it’s been a privilege to work with hundreds of families and to connect with countless colleagues and […]